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Dr. Winters

Dr. Michael Winters is a psychologist in practice as a counselor, professional coach, and educator. He is past president of the Houston Psychological Association and former director of the Rice University Counseling Center. As a teacher, he found stories to be an incredible tool for connecting with students. Michael has taught at Purdue University, Rice University, the Jung Center of Houston and at many other locations. Michael is a Houston Moth Storytelling champion, a board member for the Houston Storyteller’s Guild and a student of improvisational theater.

Dr. Hank Roubicek is Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies at the University of Houston Downtown. He is an award-winning educator, has served as a consultant to several organizations, is an internationally sought-after workshop facilitator, is the creator and host of So, What’s Your Story? on Houston’s KPFT 90.1FM, and author of several books including So, What’s Your Story: Discovering the Story in You (https://www.amazon.com/Whats-Your-Story-Discovering-You/dp/1465267484), and contributor to Lessons in Mythology published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Hank is a Houston Moth storytelling champion, past president of the Houston Storyteller’s Guild, member of the National Storytelling Network, and the Tejas Storytelling Association.

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